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XL Athletes in the usA:

darren agu:

Darren Agu was one of the first attendees at XL Performance. His work ethic and constant attention to detail has earned him a place at Rabun Gap School in Rabun Gap, Georgia. We hope to continue this tradition and we will most definitely have more athletes make the jump.
Darren currently holds scholarship offers from Florida State, South Carolina, Arizona State, Michigan State and many more!


Onis  joined the XL Performance team in the summer of 2020. His vision was to play high school football in the USA. His performances at XL were so incredible that it garnered buzz on the internet and ultimately led to him being recruited highly by Rabun Gap High School in the USA. At only 15 years old Onis has signed his letter of intent to join the school and we hope to see Onis flourish and complete the next chapter of his life. Growing up in Lewisham, South London, the footballing opportunities are few and far between. With no scheduled games or team practises due to the Covid 19 Pandemic. Onis and XL Performance compiled tape from XL Performance sessions when lockdowns were lifted and complied highlights that eventually got him scouted. We wish Onis the best of luck and look forward to seeing him when the holidays come around.

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