XL Performance is a performance programme providing speed and agility training, Specialising in American Football. At XL we have trained the likes of NFL Superbowl Champion Will Blackmon to Premier League football player Mikael Ndjoli of Bournemouth FC.


 At the grassroots level, we have welcomed first time American football players who have blossomed and have received scholarships in the USA to play the sport. XL Performance  provides an environment for beginners to learn key American Football skills to excel at the next level. We will always offer an opportunity to people to play the sport for fun and to gain experience in a sport that the United Kingdom has minimal opportunities for.


XL Performance provides a specialised training regimen for professional athletes regardless of the sport played.

Created in 2019, XL Performance had a simple vision. Your results will be a product of your vision and performance. Whether that be the general gym-goer all the way to American football expert. XL Performance will have your results align with your vision. 



Wilson football collaborated with XL Performance in 2020 and 2021. The collaboration was to allow for XL Performance's story to be told on their Instagram page. We provided a mini series giving them an insight to the players, culture and football community in the UK. Check out @Dayonefb and @Wilsonfootball on instagram to have a look at our story.


The UK’s exclusive JagTag programme have teamed up with XL Performance, a leader in professional sport performance training to offer free, elite level training to players currently involved in the BAFA (British American Football Association) leagues.

The JagTag XTRA Time initiative aims to assist existing British American Football players between the ages of 9-17 years, with weekly high-level performance training free of charge.  


In October 2019 we were joined by Super Bowl champion and 12 year pro Defensive back Will Blackmon. Will is a Sky Sports pundit and former NFL Player. Will has played for a few NFL teams, the Green Bay Packers, Jacksonville Jaguars and New York Giants to name a few.  He came down to an XL session to improve his on field skills whilst giving the athletes tips on how to improve.


We hope that Will Blackmon will be the first of many NFL athletes to train with us at XL and learn something valuable from us.

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